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We are very pleased to announce the launch of our blog that we have set up as a forum to discuss relevant construction-related topics. The focus will be on Construction Product Regulation but we will also include other related topics, so please feel free to input into the discussions taking place on the blog. To be able to comment on an article, you can click on the individual article and fill in your details and response in the comment box at the bottom of each post.

The first article covers the history of the CPD and the reasons behind why it is now changing to CPR. We will be posting new articles in the very near future covering topics such as the construction products covered by the CPR and a breakdown of what the implementation of the regulation actually means for construction product manufacturers.

We decided to start this blog as blogs are far more interactive than newsletters and most websites and it is easier to put ideas forward in this forum rather than on Twitter. Everyone is welcome to comment and we will feature guest bloggers in the future! If you have any questions or comments please email

You can visit our website for futher information on the work that we do as an association here. We will also announce on twitter whenever we have a new discussion and also feature highlights from the blog, so keep up to date with us here.